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When Your Budget Goes Off the Rails

When Your Budget Goes Off the Rails

Right now, I'm working on the family budget.  And let me tell you, it's equal parts fascinating and horrifying! Ugh. We've known for a long time that we're living above our means and we've decided now is the time to claw it back.  We're losing money to "stuff" and...

Create Your Productive Week

Create Your Productive Week

Like many, I’ve been having issues with getting motivated and staying focused these days.  I don't know for sure if it's the beautiful weather outside that calls me to flee my desk or the fact that we have some major happenings coming soon,  but I'm...

Niko – 6 year old Sheltie

This is Niko, our newest rescue pupper! He is a Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie, and is 6 years old.  He's a ham, loves to bark and is learning how to live with a skittish sausage dog and a blind Shih Tzu! Lots of fun here! Niko was rescued by the NS Society for the...

Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

:: Teach your dog to roll over :: This video features Stephen McKay and "Scorch" the Border Collie from Port Chester Obedience Training Club, demonstrating a luring technique to help you teach your dog how to do a simple rollover.

Rescue Dog Agility from Crufts 2017

I love watching Dog Agility videos and Crufts Rescue Dog Agility is one of my favourites! This video features Olly the Jack Russell and his hilarious moves! The longer version of the Rescue Dog Agility is HERE Enjoy!

Hack an Ugly Christmas Sweater into a Sweet Dog Sweater

This is a great idea for all those Christmas sweaters you have laying around that you wouldn't be caught dead in out in public.  Unless you're my son, but that's another story! The cool kids over at Fedwell show you how to easily create a dog sweater from an old human...

How to Conquer Overwhelm: 5 Ways to Strengthen Yourself

At one time or another, everyone feels overwhelmed. Work, kids, pets, activities, appointments and obligations can occasionally turn us into frozen Fanny! I had just that thing happen yesterday with kid activities, paperwork, a full schedule and a hubby who had to go...

Super Simple Dog Bed Pattern

I found this great sewing pattern for a dog bed, in small, medium or large, on the Joann Fabrics website. We have applied to adopt a dog, who we will meet this Saturday, and I want to have a new bed ready for her. Not a sewer? No worries, there is an even easier way...


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