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When Less Can Equal More: Beginner Minimalism

TED has recently put up a list called "10 Days of Positive Thinking".  It's a great intro to minimalism. The goal is to have people watch one inspiring video per day to help shift our thinking and perception a bit.  It's not about whole life makeovers,...

#WordPress Training: Settings >> General

Originally posted September 2015 Here's a brief rundown on what each of the sections under Settings >> General section of your WordPress website. Setting Title Description Site Title This is the title that will appear in the users browser. Tagline a...

#WordPress Training: The Dashboard

Log In To log in to your WordPress dashboard, you will usually go to Please obtain the proper URL for your site from your website creator. Once you arrive at the login page, you should see something similar to this:...

When Your Budget Goes Off the Rails

  Right now, I'm working on the family budget.  And let me tell you, it's equal parts fascinating and horrifying! Ugh. We've known for a long time that we're living above our means and we've decided now is the time to claw it back.  We're losing money to "stuff"...

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