My Story

I have been in love with paper my whole life!

My grandmother was the OG virtual assistant.  She ran a typing business from her home in the 1970’s and I learned from her to love paper, carbon paper and her lovely old typewriter!

Even though I LOVE technology, I have always maintained my love of paper.  I reveled in fine-tuning the filing systems for the offices in which I worked, loving everything about the filing system stickers, the folders and the paperwork within!

I have revived my love of paper planners!  I’m also a complete and utter Filofax wonk, and lover of simplicity.

I am the proud mom of 4 kids – 16, 17, 23 & 24 – and am a Mimi (grandmum) to two awesome little boys! My husband is a member of the RCAF and we love the beautiful places across Canada we have been lucky enough to see!

 Join me on a journey to find simplicity and planner peace !