As a website designer, owner or content creator, you should always have a plan.  A way to monitor and track what you are doing, when it needs to be ready and how you are going to map it out.  

Do the “meaty” pages first.

By “meaty”, I mean the inner pages of your website where you homepage copy or links will take your readers.  These include your services/products page, your about page, your blog page and your contact page.

Since you will likely be giving your prospects a trail to follow via your homepage, having these inside pages done first will ultimately move your website creation process on faster than stopping each time you want to place a link on the homepage to a page that hasn’t been created yet!

When working with a Divi child theme, I always create all the blank pages first, including the homepage. I place a “Coming Soon” page on the site to use as the homepage until the site is done.  I then go ahead and do the services/products page first, followed by the contact, blog and about pages.

Then when it comes time to edit the homepage, all the “meaty” pages are readily available to link to from the homepage!

Happy creating!

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