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To log in to your WordPress dashboard, you will usually go to http://www.yourwebsiteurl.com/wp-admin Please obtain the proper URL for your site from your website creator.

Once you arrive at the login page, you should see something similar to this:

Add the username and password that your webmistress gave you and click “Log In”. This should take you to the dashboard (some themes may take you to other screens upon log in – to access the dashboard click on the DASHBOARD link on the top of the left hand column)

This screen will give you a quick overview of your website including the theme name, what version of WordPress you have installed and the latest comments. This is what the typical installation looks like. Your website creator or hosting company may have added more items to your dashboard – those will be self-evident when you log in.

Starting at the top left, you will see the “Welcome” section. Here you can choose “Customize my Site” or click the link to change your theme. It then shows you how to create your first post (if this is a new site), add an “About” page or view your website. The next list allows you to manage widgets and menus, turn your comments on or off and learn more abut getting started in WordPress. Next is the “At a Glance” section – this shows the number of published posts, pages and comments. Next is the “Activity” section – it will show you the most recent posts and the most recent comments, along with a line that shows the total number of comments, the number pending, the number approved, the number marked as spam and the number in the trash. The next item, at the top of the right column, in the default layout is the “Quickpress” section. This allows you to create a new post without going into the post editor itself. It’s a handy way to create draft posts when ideas strike you and allow you to save those ideas for future posting or reference. Under that you will see the “WordPress News” – a list of the most recent activity on the WordPress.org blog.

Each of these modules can be moved around to personalize your dashboard experience. Simply drag and drop the items to suit your personal style. To add more or remove elements, click on the “Screen Options” button.

The menu will open and show you the following – NOTE*: Please note that some items shown in the demo will not appear in your screen options panel as I have several plugin elements that show on my site.

From this menu, you can check the box to have the items appear in the dashboard.  To exit, simply click the “Screen Options” button again and you changes will be saved.

Admin Bar

In the Dashboard of your site, you will see a bar at the top of your screen. This is the “Admin Bar”.

  • You will see the following:
    • The WordPress logo on the left of the admin bar gives you links to:
      • About WordPress – will give you the overview of your version of WordPress
      • WordPress.org – links to the main WordPress site
      • Documentation – helpful reading on exactly what WordPress is all about
      • Support Forums- ask questions of the very large and helpful community
      • Feedback form – send WordPress your thoughts
    • The next item is the URL of your site, and a link to visit your site. This will show you what your site looks like when visitors type in your URL.
    • Next is the number of comments awaiting moderation. The speech bubble and the number beside it indicate the number of comments on your site that are awaiting moderation.
    • Next is the “+ New” button where you can add a post without going to “All Posts >> Add New”
    • Following that is the “View Post” link where you can have a look at how your latest post is looking.
    • On the right side of the admin bar, you will see your user name and your Gravatar (set up via Gravatar.com).  Three links are visible as a drop down by hovering over your name: A link to your profile, a link to “Edit Your Profile” and a link to “Log Out”.

That does it for the basic dashboard. Depending on your theme, other options will be present, but the basics remain the same.

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