Things have been more than a little difficult in our home for the past couple days.  With a sick senior dog, our grandbabies staying with us and increased pain in my knees and hips, we’ve had to share some of the tasks I usually perform.  Fortunately, my boys and husband are more than up to the task.

As I tried to find exercises to help with my pain, I stumbled on this Daily Symptom Tracker from the Arthritis Society of Canada. The PDF is designed to help you not only map your pain, but to have as a resource to show your primary health care partner for your next visit.

You can find the original HERE.  To downsize to an A5 size, go into your page set up and add a custom size of 210mm x 148.5mm.

Hopefully this Daily Symptom Tracker with be a helpful aid in keeping track of your pain management.

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